As my friends, family, and colleagues can attest, I’m a very active sharer of articles, books, podcasts, and other forms of content. Proper Tack started as an email list for me to share these recommendations in a little more structured manner and has expanded into a way for me to offer my thoughts on what is happening around data, marketing, and everything those two areas touch.

Who are you?

My name is Ryan Anderson. I’m a data and marketing professional living in Atlanta, GA with my wife and son.

You can work with me by checking out FortyFour
You can catch me on Twitter at @gtryan

Personal Projects
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How does this work?

Every other week or so I send out an email with a handful of pieces that I found interesting and my brief thoughts on them. This typically goes out on Thursdays and if you like what you’re reading I’d love for you to subscribe here.

Topics vary but are typically revolve around marketing, data, and general business with the occasional jaunt into politics, urban planning or sports (all with a data or marketing angle).

I use this website to link to my newsletters after the fact, and also expand on some of my thinking with the occasional full blown article.

Why “Proper Tack?”

Tack, among its many definitions, is a nautical term for the heading of a boat that is sailing into the wind. Sailing against the direction of the wind is not an easy maneuver for an amateur to pull off, but with the right learning and preparation can be used to powerful effect in a boat race.