Proper Tack Newsletter Archive

PT78 – The Most Interesting Topics for 2022
PT77 – My Favorite Reads of 2021
PT76 – Move to a USL City

PT75 – Thankful Days
PT74 – When It’s Time to Hire a Marketer
PT73 – Zillow’s Data Driven Problem
PT72 – Why You Should Read Academic Research
PT71 – How to Set a Marketing Budget

PT70 – Simpson’s Paradox
PT69 – Know Your Error Types
PT68 – There’s Ad Fraud in Those Hills
PT67 – On Reinvention
PT66 – The Return of Proper Tack

PT65 – How to do Facebook Advertising
PT64 – WITI: The Video Assistant Review Edition
PT63 – Analytics & Being Less Wrong
PT62 – Consumer. Party of One.
PT61 – The CAC is Too Damn High

PT60 – Browsers Turning Against Marketers
PT59 – Rich People Buying Things
PT58 – Drink Wine and Go Shopping
PT57 – Data-Backed Strategies for Housing and Scouting
PT56 – To Blitzscale, or not to Blitzscale

PT55 – Direct-to-Consumer is a Channel, Not a Company
PT54 – Memberships and Partnerships
PT53 – Two Ends of the Marketing Spectrum
PT52 – Happy Holidays, Wrapping Up 2018
PT51 – Measuring Product/Market Fit

PT50 – The Georgia Election Results
PT49 – The Importance of Payback Periods
PT48 – Are Amazon Ads Profitable?
PT47 – Everybody’s Doing it (Reading)
PT46 – What Makes a Great City

PT45 – Today, We’re Branding
PT44 – The Value of Keeping Your Customers
PT43 – Analytics Alone Are Not a Solution
PT42 – YouTube vs Facebook
PT41 – Internet, Metrics and Learning

PT40 – Winning in the New Retail World
PT39 – A Brand of No Brands
PT38 – Moving Upmarket in the Gig Economy
PT37 – What if Advertising Shrinks?
PT36 – Social Media Bots and Advertising

PT35 – Retail, Reputation, and Robots
PT34 – The World’s Game Gets World-ier
PT33 – What Comes Next
PT32 – Apple, Shazam, and Amazon’s Miss
PT31 – Staying in Touch With Your Customers

PT30 – Ecommerce is Data Science
PT29 – What to Do When CAC Keeps Rising
PT28 – The Future (of Work and Media)
PT27 – Even Google Gets it Wrong
PT26 – Knowing When to Pause

PT25 – Building a Marketing Budget
PT24 – A Deepdive on Facebook Targeting
PT23 – Lessons on Scale
PT22 – Setting a Business Up for Success
PT21 – Podcast Episodes You Should Listen To

PT20 – Leveling Up Your Measurement
PT19 – Season Tickets are for Suckers
PT18 – A Story on Hope
PT17 – The Changing Faces of Cities and Towns
PT16 – Next Wave Strategies in Digital Marketing

PT15 – The Unexpected Optimizations
PT14 – The Questions We Should Ask
PT13 – Learning How to Grow
PT12 – When Models Go Bad
PT11 – Growth and New Companies

PT10 – How Do Marketers Find Advantages
PT9 – Politics are Local. Podcasts are Global.
PT8 – Amazon’s Next Frontier
PT7 – Reaching the Customer
PT6 – Partnerships. Pins. Physical Retail.

PT5 – Winning Elections and Soccer Games
PT4 – Understanding Data is Hard
PT3 – Cracking the Growth Code
PT2 – The Big 3: Uber, Facebook, and Google
PT1 – Introducing Proper Tack